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American english

the English language as spoken and written in the U.S.
Contemporary Examples

Not helping matters: the fact that everyone speaks in unaccented American English.
‘Zero Hour’: Is This the Dumbest Show Ever to Air on TV? Jace Lacob February 12, 2013

Whether you think “An Historical Investigation” (the cover copy) is acceptable American English is between you and your maker.
Roger Ailes and the Party of Calhoun Michael Tomasky February 10, 2013

I also conduct a blog about British expressions (like “bits” and “went missing”) that have become popular in American English.
Ben Yagoda: How I Not Write Bad Noah Charney February 12, 2013

And the more these jobs require speaking recognizably American English, the bigger advantage Americans have in getting them.
Why Call Center Jobs Are Coming Back Matthew Zeitlin August 27, 2012

Originated as a British word, but we adopted it into American English almost immediately.
New Words Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary: ‘Man Cave,’ ‘Sexting,’ and More Kory L. Stamper August 13, 2012

Historical Examples

American English is Comic English in a pretty particular considerable tarnation degree.
The Comic English Grammar Unknown

In one sense, the American English is older than the Australian.
The English Language Robert Gordon Latham

Mark Twain can be eloquent when the fancy takes him, but the medium he employs is the simplest and plainest American English.
My Contemporaries In Fiction David Christie Murray

American English is Comic English in a “pretty particular considerable tarnation” degree.
The Comic English Grammar Percival Leigh

And, unlike American English, it tends to waver up and down the scale.
Hanging by a Thread Gordon Randall Garrett


See US English


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