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American legion

a society, organized in 1919, composed of veterans of the armed forces of the U.S.
Contemporary Examples

There were no protests from the American Legion or the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or howls from indignant Congressmen.
The Not-Always-Greatest Generation David Margolick July 11, 2013

A special tax benefit to employers for hiring veterans, which Obama discussed Tuesday in his speech to the American Legion.
Wimp in the White House Michael Tomasky August 30, 2011

Historical Examples

The American Legion post, with its leaders, is going to fill a great need here.
The Story of The American Legion George Seay Wheat

The American Legion, quartered in a small room over a meat market, was one of his hangouts.
David Lannarck, Midget George S. Harney

I exonerate the American Legion as an organization of the responsibility of this.
The Centralia Conspiracy Ralph Chaplin

What poor rudiments of them remain depend upon the whims of a Burleson, or the rowdy element of the American Legion.
The Great Steel Strike and its Lessons William Z. Foster

Also the presence of the American Legion in large numbers in court.
The Centralia Conspiracy Ralph Chaplin

And the American Legion began to function as a “cats paw” for the men behind the scenes.
The Centralia Conspiracy Ralph Chaplin

“Let us honor them and respect them by calling it the American Legion,” he urged.
The Story of The American Legion George Seay Wheat

The American Legion was conceived by practically the entire personnel of the army, navy, and marine corps!
The Story of The American Legion George Seay Wheat

The largest organization of American veterans, open to those who participated in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and subsequent conflicts, such as America’s war on terrorism. The American Legion has established an influential political position, gaining support in Congress and the federal executive branch for veterans’ interests; its efforts contributed to the creation of the Veterans Administration, now the Department of Veterans Affairs, which provides medical services and other benefits to veterans and their families. Traditionally conservative, the American Legion promotes patriotism and a strong military defense. (See also Veterans of Foreign Wars.)


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