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American revolution

the war between Great Britain and its American colonies, 1775–83, by which the colonies won their independence.
Contemporary Examples

Taylor is the author of a number of books about colonial America, the American Revolution, and the early American republic.
The National Book Awards Longlist for Nonfiction September 17, 2013

But unlike most workaday reporters, Lepore is steeped in the history of the city and the American Revolution.
Great New Reads The Daily Beast October 14, 2010

Yet the scale of the violence in the American Revolution was, by the standards of the other great revolutions of history, modest.
Un-American Revolutions Niall Ferguson February 26, 2011

The people who made the American Revolution were, by 18th-century standards, exceptionally well-off and well-educated.
Un-American Revolutions Niall Ferguson February 26, 2011

The American Revolution was protracted: Five years elapsed between the Declaration of Independence and Yorktown.
Un-American Revolutions Niall Ferguson February 26, 2011

Historical Examples

Franklin had deposited with him his notes and papers concerning the American Revolution.
The Life Of Thomas Paine, Vol. I. (of II) Moncure Daniel Conway

A story of Kentucky during the days after the American Revolution.
Polly of Lady Gay Cottage Emma C. Dowd

It is as ripe to be a nation as these Colonies were on the eve of the American Revolution.
The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 86, December, 1864 Various

A hero story of real American girls and boys, in the American Revolution.
Breaking Away Oliver Optic

The American Revolution in proclaiming the rights of humanity struck a blow at the protective system.
Woman, Church & State Matilda Joslyn Gage

the usual US term for War of American Independence


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