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a custom, trait, or thing peculiar to the United States of America or its citizens.
a word, phrase, or other language feature that is especially characteristic of the English language as spoken or written in the U.S.
devotion to or preference for the U.S. and its institutions.
anything, as a custom or word, peculiar to America.
Historical Examples

Even the bits of slang and the americanisms which occasionally slipped from her only struck him as original and piquant.
Lippincott’s Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, October, 1877, Vol. XX. No. 118 Various

I thanked him for the item, resolving to add it to my list of curious americanisms.
Ruggles of Red Gap Harry Leon Wilson

The result, of course, was a wholesale slaughter of americanisms.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

The expressions “right here” and “right there” are americanisms.
The Verbalist Thomas Embly Osmun, (AKA Alfred Ayres)

Butte Creek, in Montana, is a name made up of two americanisms.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

He published a vocabulary of americanisms, and a Greek and English lexicon.
The Every Day Book of History and Chronology Joel Munsell

In the London stock market and among English railroad men various characteristic americanisms have got a foothold.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

The best of these collections of americanisms, and by long odds, is Thornton’s.
The American Language Henry L. Mencken

To her it meant loss of dignity, americanisms, contempt for orthodoxy, and general relaxation of all that is worthy in man.
The Rubicon E. F. Benson

Fancy being obliged to explain americanisms to an American!’
An American Girl in London Sara Jeannette Duncan

a custom, linguistic usage, or other feature peculiar to or characteristic of the United States, its people, or their culture
loyalty to the United States, its people, customs, etc

1781, in reference to words or phrases distinct from British use, coined by John Witherspoon (1723-1794), president of Princeton College, from American + -ism. (American English “English language as spoken in the United States” is first recorded 1806, in Webster.) Americanism in the patriotic sense “attachment to the U.S.” is attested from 1797, first found in the writings of Thomas Jefferson.


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