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(of a leaf) having stomata on both surfaces


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  • Amphistome

    amphistome amphistome am·phis·tome (ām’fĭ-stōm’) n. Any trematode of the genus Paramphistomum. Historical Examples From a zoological point of view the most interesting fact connected with Lewiss amphistome is the existence of a gastric pouch. Parasites T. Spencer Cobbold

  • Amphistomous

    adjective (of certain animals, such as leeches) having a sucker at either end of the body

  • Amphistylar

    (of a classical temple) having columns on both fronts. having columns at both sides. adjective (esp of a classical temple) having a set of columns at both ends or at both sides noun a temple of this kind

  • Amphitelic

    adjective in cell biology, pertaining to the attachment of centromeres of a chromosome to opposite poles of the spindle Examples Amphitelic attachment is needed to pull sister chromatids in opposite directions. Word Origin amphi- + telos ‘end, completion’ Usage Note science

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