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amygdaloside a·myg·da·lo·side (ə-mĭg’də-lə-sīd’)
See amygdalin.


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    (def 1). Historical Examples The pear flavor, amyl acetate, is made from acetic acid and amyl alcohol—though amyl alcohol (fusel oil) has a detestable smell. Creative Chemistry Edwin E. Slosson noun another name (no longer in technical usage) for pentyl acetate

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    a colorless liquid, C 5 H 12 O, consisting of a mixture of two or more isomeric alcohols, derived from the pentanes, and used as a solvent and intermediate for organic synthesis: the main component of fusel oil. Historical Examples It is insoluble in ether and in absolute alcohol, and not readily soluble in amyl […]

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    any of several univalent, isomeric groups having the formula C 5 H 11 –, whose derivatives are found in fusel oil, fruit extracts, etc.

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