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Anesthetic cocktail

anesthetic cocktail

anesthetic cocktail n.
A mixture of various drugs, such as painkillers, muscle relaxants, and consciousness-dulling volatile gases, prepared especially for the requirements of a given procedure and patient.


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  • Anesthetic ether

    anesthetic ether anesthetic ether n. Any of various ethers, especially diethyl ether, having anesthetic properties.

  • Anesthetic depth

    anesthetic depth anesthetic depth n. The degree to which the central nervous system is depressed by a general anesthetic agent, depending on the potency of the anesthetic and the concentration in which it is administered.

  • Anesthetic gas

    anesthetic gas anesthetic gas n. A gaseous compound capable of producing general anesthesia upon inhalation. Historical Examples The same applies to using any anesthetic gas or drug to render him unconscious. Anything You Can Do … Gordon Randall Garrett

  • Anesthetic index

    anesthetic index anesthetic index n. The ratio of the number of units of anesthetic required to induce anesthesia to the number of units of anesthetic required to produce respiratory or cardiovascular failure.

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