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  • Anglified

    (sometimes lowercase) to . Historical Examples His genius got anglified, took a consumption, and perished in the prime of life. Recreations of Christopher North, Volume I (of 2) John Wilson Not only is his matter all his own, but he has anglified the whole being of the metrical form itself. Library Of The World’s Best […]

  • Anglomania

    an intense admiration of, interest in, or tendency to imitate English institutions, manners, customs, etc. Historical Examples If Anglomania was unknown to France in the seventeenth century, yet Frenchmen were found who appreciated England. The Anglo-French Entente in the Seventeenth Century Charles Bastide Our Anglomania, in fact , is grown considerable; prophetic of much. The […]

  • Anglophile

    a person who is friendly to or admires England or English customs, institutions, etc. Contemporary Examples Primarily because the way most of us in the west and Anglophile world view the history of the Great War is from the winning side. How WWI Produced the Holocaust J.P. O’Malley November 20, 2014 The California Anglophile spent […]

  • Anglophilia

    a strong admiration or enthusiasm for England, its people, and things English.

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