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Ante meridian

occurring before noon.
of or relating to the forenoon.
before noon; in the morning


Read Also:

  • Ante meridiem

    . uknown the full form of a.m. 1560s, Latin, literally “before noon,” from ante (see ante) + accusative of meridies “midday, noon” (see meridian).

  • Antemortem

    before death: an antemortem confession. antemortem an·te·mor·tem (ān’tē-môr’təm) adj. Before death.

  • Antemundane

    before the creation of the world. adj. “existing or happening before the creation of the world,” 1731; see ante- + mundane.

  • Antenatal

    prenatal: an antenatal clinic. Historical Examples But deep within her the antenatal thing that lay here had a dream. Dreams Olive Schreiner The reminiscence of some antenatal incarnation of his own soul? The Martian George Du Maurier It was as if her folding arms had been his antenatal hiding-place; as if she had brought him […]

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