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opposed or hostile to the United States of America, its people, its principles, or its policies.
an anti-American person.
Contemporary Examples

The outspoken leader was known for his socialist agenda and anti-American stance.
Shaq, Rand Paul, Mila Kunis, and More Viral Videos The Daily Beast Video March 8, 2013

The killings occurred three weeks ago and have stirred up anti-American sentiment in Pakistan.
The American Killing Roiling Pakistan Ron Moreau February 13, 2011

Also, bin Laden: Does the guy who iced bin Laden really harbor some kind of secret anti-American views?
The Return of Rev. Wright Michael Tomasky May 16, 2012

Of the 28 countries surveyed, only Pakistan and Turkey have stronger anti-American sentiment.
Obama’s Mexico Standoff John M. Ackerman March 1, 2011

It is this record that is shaping the way the governments in the Middle East are handling the anti-American unrest.
Not Just the Middle East: Obama Foreign Policy Record Is Appalling David B. Rivkin, Jr., Lee A. Casey September 20, 2012

Historical Examples

Its central idea of government being that of priesthood rule, how could it be otherwise than anti-American?
Defense of the Faith and the Saints (Volume 1 of 2) B. H. Roberts

With all of his anti-American and pro-British ideas he leaped upon it.
The Personality of American Cities Edward Hungerford

Finally the politicians of all parties, fearing to be outdone in the display of patriotism, encouraged the anti-American feeling.
The War With Mexico, Volume I (of 2) Justin H. Smith

Only those who were so sympathetic with Germany that they were anti-American found it pleasant to live there.
Germany, The Next Republic? Carl W. Ackerman

If it is anti-American to have priesthood rule in a church organization, then every church in the land is anti-American.
Defense of the Faith and the Saints (Volume 1 of 2) B. H. Roberts

opposed to anything of or relating to the United States of America

also antiamerican, 1788 (n.), in reference to British parliamentary policies, from anti- + American. As an adjective by 1838. Related: Anti-Americanism “opposition to what is distinctly American,” 1844.


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