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opposed to the concept that a pregnant woman has the right to choose abortion.
Contemporary Examples

Policy watchdog RH Reality Check deemed it “one of the most extreme pieces of anti-choice legislation in the country.”
Michigan’s Abortion Bombshell: GOP Gets Last-Minute Restrictions Allison Yarrow December 28, 2012

But the anti-choice mainstream has gotten much more sophisticated.
Ten Reasons Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning Jay Michaelson July 5, 2014

To be sure, there are wackos on the anti-choice side, with their photos of fetuses and extreme rhetoric.
Ten Reasons Women Are Losing While Gays Keep Winning Jay Michaelson July 5, 2014

His anti-choice credentials—critical to the religious right—have swayed to and fro like the autumn leaves in New England.
Cheesy Grits, Y’all: In Defense of Mitt Romney’s Political Pandering Hank Sheinkopf March 12, 2012

The Planned Parenthood spokeswoman said the news was first reported by “anti-choice outlets.”
Komen Official Karen Handel Calls Planned Parenthood a ‘Gigantic Bully’ Abigail Pesta February 9, 2012

“The anti-choice folks have gotten smarter,” says Vicki Saporta, head of the National Abortion Federation.
The Triumph of Bureaucracy Over Abortion Rights Michelle Goldberg September 8, 2013


also antichoice, 1978; see pro-life.


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