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conducive to good health; healthful; sanitary.
of or relating to .
Historical Examples

My first active objection was to this anti-hygienic organization, and the lack of necessities for my immediate use.
My Own Affairs Louise, Princess of Belgium

Very often, too, it is suffering from cerebral anæmia, caused by poverty and an anti-hygienic education.
The Conquest of Bread Peter Kropotkin

promoting health or cleanliness; sanitary

1833, from French hygiénique, from hygiène; see hygiene. The earlier adjective was hygienal (1660s).

hygienic hy·gi·en·ic (hī’jē-ěn’ĭk, hī-jěn’-, -jē’nĭk)

Of or relating to hygiene.

Tending to promote or preserve health.



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