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marriage or cohabitation between two people from different racial groups, especially, in the U.S., between a black person and a white person:
In 1968 the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that state laws prohibiting miscegenation were unconstitutional.
sexual relations between two people from different racial backgrounds that results in the conception of a mixed-race child.
Contemporary Examples

In both intent and application, the anti-miscegenation laws were about race, not marriage.
Opposing Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You a Crypto-Racist Jonathan Rauch April 23, 2014

But strict British anti-miscegenation laws limited their opportunities for finding a spouse.
This Week’s Hot Reads: March 10, 2014 Mythili Rao March 9, 2014

interbreeding of races, esp where differences of pigmentation are involved

“interbreeding of races,” 1864, coined irregularly in American English from Latin miscere “to mix” (see mix (v.)) + genus “race” (see genus).

miscegenation mis·ceg·e·na·tion (mĭ-sěj’ə-nā’shən, mĭs’ĭ-jə-)
Marriage or sexual relations between individuals of different races.


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