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Anti musical

of, relating to, or producing :
a musical instrument.
of the nature of or resembling ; melodious; harmonious.
fond of or skilled in .
set to or accompanied by :
a musical entertainment.
Also called musical comedy. a play or motion picture in which the story line is interspersed with or developed by songs, dances, and the like.
of, relating to, or used in music: a musical instrument
harmonious; melodious: musical laughter
talented in or fond of music
involving or set to music: a musical evening
short for musical comedy

early 15c., “pertaining to music; tuneful, harmonious; adept at making music,” from Middle French musical (14c.) and directly from Medieval Latin musicalis, from Latin musica (see music). Musical box is from 1829. Children’s game musical chairs is attested from 1877, hence use of musical as a modifier meaning “changing rapidly from one to another possessor” (1924). Related: Musically.

“theatrical piece in which music figures prominently,” 1937, from musical (adj.) in musical play. Earlier as a noun it meant “musical instrument” (c.1500), “musical performance” (1570s); “musical party” (1823, a sense now in musicale).

A play or film that contains musical numbers. Musicals can be comedic (see musical comedy) or serious in tone, such as Porgy and Bess.


Changing rapidly from one to another possessor: At night in Port-au-Prince a massive game of musical houses is going on/ The revolving cast of Love Letters has become something of a game of musical celebrities/ Neither partner will relinquish the coop; this is black comedy, a wickedly funny tale of musical apartments and malfunctioning appliances

[1924+; the date refers to the first occurrence of musical chairs, the game in which players circle a set of chairs and sit in any one available when the music stops]


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