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a person who opposes socialism.
Also, antisocialistic. opposing socialism, made up of antisocialists, etc.:
Antisocialist forces marched on the capital.
Historical Examples

The repeal of the anti-socialist law could not suddenly alter the spirit of opposition.
Socialism and Democracy in Europe Samuel P. Orth

I have said that these “down tools” outbursts are anti-socialist.
Bolshevism: A Curse & Danger to the Workers Henry William Lee

Bismarck, who headed the anti-socialist movement, saw to it that the laws were vigorously enforced.
The Scrap Book, Volume 1, No. 4 Various

There the anti-socialist would join issue with a lesser advantage.
New Worlds For Old Herbert George Wells

Once Todd stalked along and embarrassed her by being indignant over an anti-socialist orator in Madison Square.
The Job Sinclair Lewis

It voted for the anti-socialist laws and for state insurance.
Socialism and Democracy in Europe Samuel P. Orth

The provisional government having resigned, the republican and anti-socialist majority on the 9th The Executive Commission.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 7 Various

Dr. Lasker was an anti-socialist a rigid upholder of private property and of the capitalist system of production.
Woman under socialism August Bebel

The anti-socialist is freely welcome to all these admissions.
New Worlds For Old Herbert George Wells

The anti-socialist laws were the expression of their ideas as to Socialism and the way to quench it.
Socialism and Democracy in Europe Samuel P. Orth


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