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Apartment hotel

a hotel that rents furnished apartments or suites suitable for housekeeping, on a weekly or more permanent basis, and usually supplies all hotel services.
Historical Examples

He was still trying to remember it as he lounged down the block from Engel’s apartment hotel at 8:10 the next morning.
Hooded Detective, Volume III No. 2, January, 1942 Various

She took a comfortable little nook in an apartment hotel and settled down to meditate.
The Cup of Fury Rupert Hughes

Further along, at the corner, loomed the eight stories of an apartment hotel.
The Other Girls Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney

Fifteen minutes later Drake eased the car into the alley behind the apartment hotel.
Queen of the Flaming Diamond Leroy Yerxa

Karnes, meanwhile, followed Brittain into the foyer of the apartment hotel.
Instant of Decision Gordon Randall Garrett

Frankly, to my mind this is not enough better than the apartment hotel, as we now know it, to pay for the effort to establish it.
The Cost of Shelter Ellen H. Richards

At their apartment hotel I finds nobody home but Celeste, the maid, all dolled up like Thursday afternoon.
Torchy, Private Sec. Sewell Ford

It was a large room, in spite of the fact that it was one of a suite in an apartment hotel, and furnished richly.
Cap’n Warren’s Wards Joseph C. Lincoln


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