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noun (pl) -mouries, -mories
a secure place for the storage of weapons
armour generally

(US) a National Guard base
(US) a building in which training in the use of arms and drill takes place; drill hall
(pl) (Canadian) such a building used for training and as headquarters by a reserve unit of the armed forces

resources, as of arguments or objections, on which to draw: they thought they had proved him wrong, but he still had a few weapons in his armoury
(US) a place where arms are made
Historical Examples

Yes, it is a rare weapon, and there is none like it in the armoury.
A Noble Queen (Volume I of 3) Philip Meadows Taylor

In half an hour after I was standing in a large hall or armoury.
The Rifle Rangers Captain Mayne Reid

Shall I not tell you that a feeling which surmounted my apprehensions of discovery chained me to the armoury?
Secresy E. (Eliza) Fenwick

And what I overheard in the armoury–about a telegram–telling me–putting me out of my misery?
Viviette William J. Locke

Sissly’s men have arrived and are raising a racket in the armoury with hammer and saw.
The Business of Life Robert W. Chambers

The place is national property now, and used as a kind of armoury, my love.
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens

Lily, with more dreadful questions, more terrible invitations to draw out of her armoury of torments?
Doctor Cupid Rhoda Broughton

It’s too bad, with an armoury like that, to take my one little ewe-lamb from me.’
Wilfrid Cumbermede George MacDonald

Beyond these a second quadrangle was entered, to the right of which stood the Governor’s house and an armoury.
The Story of Paris Thomas Okey

I might have taken it from the armoury, for I was in the library all the afternoon.
Wilfrid Cumbermede George MacDonald


chiefly British English spelling of armory (q.v.); for suffix, see -or.

the place in which armour was deposited when not used (Neh. 3:19; Jer. 50:25). At first each man of the Hebrews had his own arms, because all went to war. There were no arsenals or magazines for arms till the time of David, who had a large collection of arms, which he consecrated to the Lord in his tabernacle (1 Sa,. 21:9; 2 Sam. 8:7-12; 1 Chr. 26:26, 27).


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