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Aromatase inhibitor

any of a class of drugs that inhibit the action of aromatase: used in the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer


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  • Aromatase

    noun an enzyme that converts testosterone into an oestrogen

  • Aromatic

    having an ; fragrant or sweet-scented; odoriferous. Chemistry. of or relating to an or compounds. a plant, drug, or medicine yielding a fragrant , as sage or certain spices and oils. . Contemporary Examples These slightly bitter flavors add an aromatic complexity to an already rich and decadent dessert. 5 Pioneering Ways to Cook with […]

  • Aromatic compound

    an organic compound that contains one or more benzene or equivalent heterocyclic rings: many such compounds have an agreeable odor. aromatic compound n. A cyclic compound containing at least one benzene ring and characterized by the presence of alternating double bonds within the ring.

  • Aromatic rice

    noun any rice with an aroma and flavor like roasted nuts or popcorn, such as Basmati, Jasmine, and Texmati Examples Asia’s aromatic rices – including Basmati from India and Pakistan, Thailand’s Jasmine rice, and hundreds of little-known locally adapted varieties – appear to hold great promise. Usage Note cooking

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