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Baby doll

a doll, especially one resembling a human baby.
Often, baby dolls. Also called baby doll nightgown, baby doll pajamas. a garment for women or girls consisting of a hip-length top of delicate fabric often decorated with ruffles, ribbons, or lace, with a matching panty, worn for sleeping.
a short dress styled to resemble this.
Contemporary Examples

But what drew you to this strange character—a mentally ill woman caring for a baby doll?
Jessica Biel on ‘The Truth About Emanuel,’ Motherhood, Justin Timberlake, and More Marlow Stern January 6, 2014

However, she soon discovers that Linda is a mentally unstable woman who believes a baby doll is a flesh-and-blood child.
Jessica Biel on ‘The Truth About Emanuel,’ Motherhood, Justin Timberlake, and More Marlow Stern January 6, 2014

Historical Examples

“The baby doll is here and wants to see you,” Paddy announced.
The Argus Pheasant John Charles Beecham

“Yes, dear; we shall see,” was Mrs. Stone’s answer, as she went forward to the table where the baby doll lay in her glory.
Mamie’s Watchword Joanna H. (Joanna Hooe) Mathews

I have never touched them since you put me to bed for breaking the baby doll.
Adventures in Toyland Edith King Hall

She thought the two seemed very close, but she disentangled them, and laid the baby doll on the counter.
The Children’s Book of London Geraldine Edith Mitton

The voices sank from hearing and Maria Angelina was left with the feeling that a baby doll was not a desirable being in America.
The Innocent Adventuress Mary Hastings Bradley

Tense, as if she were waiting for the warning not to touch, Martha finally caressed the hair of a baby doll.
The Fourth R George Oliver Smith

Hugging the baby doll tight in one arm, Anne threw the other around Mrs. Patterson’s neck, and kissed her again and again.
Honey-Sweet Edna Turpin

Winifred heard, and realized that she was the Effect and baby doll in question.
Winnie Childs C. N. Williamson

noun phrase

A pretty woman, esp one cherished by a man as his own (1900s+)


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