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Baby grand

the smallest form of the grand piano.
Historical Examples

It might have contained theatrical properties and still had room left for a baby grand piano.
Nye and Riley’s Wit and Humor (Poems and Yarns) Bill Nye

His wondering eye, staring through the open French doors of the living-room, rested on my baby grand.
The Prairie Mother Arthur Stringer

Silvia gave a little cry of pleasure, and looking over her shoulder, I beheld a baby grand piano.
Our Next-Door Neighbors Belle Kanaris Maniates

Dolly’s short skirt revealed nether extremities which would have done great credit to Barnum’s fat lady or a baby grand piano!
My Actor-Husband Anonymous

As I sat down before the baby grand piano the words of the old song “Sweet and Low” came to me.
Patchwork Anna Balmer Myers

The only other pictures were two Japanese prints and the only other furniture was a baby grand piano and some chairs.
Molly Brown’s Freshman Days Nell Speed

So the second day after my baby grand’s arrival I went at it with a monkey-wrench.
The Prairie Wife Arthur Stringer

a small grand piano, approximately 5 feet long Compare boudoir grand, concert grand


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