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a person who is paid to look after other people’s babies or very young children


Read Also:

  • Baby-mother

    noun a young mother who has been abandoned by the baby’s father just before or after the birth

  • Baby-sitter

    to take charge of a child while the parents are temporarily away. to baby-sit for (a child): We’ve placed an ad for someone to baby-sit the youngsters in the evening. to take watchful responsibility for; tend: It will be necessary for someone to baby-sit the machine until it is running properly. Historical Examples So then […]

  • Baby-walker

    noun a light frame on casters or wheels to help a baby learn to walk US equivalent go-cart

  • Babycakes

    babycakes noun A sweetheart or other cherished person •A term of endearment: Hey, baby-cakes, let’s see those pecs/ ”Ain’t that right, baby?” ”Sure is, honeycakes” (1960s+) Contemporary Examples babycakes owner McKenna found her way to gluten-free eating during a stint in Los Angeles. The New Star Diet Craze Gina Piccalo July 31, 2010

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