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Bad hair day

a disagreeable or unpleasant day, especially one during which one feels unattractive.
noun (informal)
a day on which one’s hair is untidy and unmanageable
a day of mishaps and general irritation

a day when one cannot get a hairstyle to look good; by extension, a day on which everything seems to go wrong

noun phrase

The sort of day when nothing goes right; the sort of day that is not one’s day: They had a bad hair day, a bad CD-ROM day, who knows?

[1990s+; fr the notion that one’s well-being depends on whether one’s hair looks good]
A day when one’s appearance, especially one’s hair, does not look attractive. For example, What have I done to upset Martha? Nothing, she’s just having a bad hair day. Originating as a humorous statement, this term was soon broadened to mean simply having a bad day, that is, a day when everything seems to go wrong. [ Late 1980s ]
Also see: not one’s day


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