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Banana skin

the soft outer covering of a banana
(informal) something unforeseen that causes an obvious and embarrassing mistake
Historical Examples

There was Myra who treated lovers like dogs and would slap them across the face with a banana skin to show her utter independence.
Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town Stephen Leacock

I heard of an old man who slipped on a banana skin and broke his leg.
The Story of the Big Front Door Mary Finley Leonard

She wrapped up all this concoction in half a banana skin, and gave the specific to the little D’Aubigne.
The Memoirs of Madame de Montespan, Complete Madame La Marquise De Montespan

The monkey jumped down, and, snatching a banana skin, absorbed itself in picking it to shreds industriously.
Almayer’s Folly Joseph Conrad

I’ve been down there to look, and–and the banana skin was there–all mashed.
The Second Violin Grace S. Richmond

He was as polite, though, as a book agent, and as smooth as the business side of a banana skin.
Shorty McCabe Sewell Ford

Some careless youngster had thrown a banana skin on the walk.
Sure Pop and the Safety Scouts Roy Rutherford Bailey

Lift one section of a banana skin, remove fruit, fill with any desired salad and replace section of skin.
Games For All Occasions Mary E. Blain

Toward evening there was not a foot of Fair ground undecorated by a banana skin, a crust of bread, or a flying paper.
The Making of Mary Jean Forsyth

Miss Kinross laid down her banana skin and rose to her feet, rapidly disarmed.
In the Mist of the Mountains Ethel Turner


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