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Bank account

an account with a bank.
balance standing to the credit of a depositor at a bank.
Contemporary Examples

Angry that he was being pushed out, Saverin froze Thefacebook’s bank account, as the movie correctly portrays.
What’s True in the Facebook Movie David Kirkpatrick September 29, 2010

I am not often envious, no matter how low into the negative my bank account dips.
Daddy, How Come You’re Always Broke? Benjamin Anastas’s ‘Too Good to Be True’ Benjamin Anastas October 14, 2012

In a filing last November, he said his liquid assets consisted of a bank account with less than $1.2 million.
California’s Most Expensive Divorce? Kim Masters April 8, 2010

Good Lord, if someone tries to withdraw more than $10,000 from a bank account, the IRS must be notified.
The Bag Lady Papers, Part VII Alexandra Penney May 6, 2009

But the bank account with $50,000 turns a lot more profit for the bank when it’s loaned out.
Did Financial Services Reform Inadvertently Put a Kink In Obamacare? Megan McArdle May 22, 2013

Historical Examples

The girl who saves has a freedom of action unknown to the girl who has never had a bank account.
The Canadian Girl at Work Marjory MacMurchy

The offspring of a liaison between a bald head and a bank account.
The Devil’s Dictionary Ambrose Bierce

One cannot wonder that there were occasional deficits in the bank account at Lindsey Row.
The Life of James McNeill Whistler Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Wrote a book in which he described your bank account and told how you paid your bills.
Who Was Who: 5000 B. C. to Date Anonymous

Dr. Harpes’ ambitions grew with her bank account, and among them there was one which began to take the shape of a fixed purpose.
The Lady Doc Caroline Lockhart

an account created by the deposit of money at a bank by a customer
the amount of moneys credited or debited to a depositor at a bank


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