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a book held by a depositor in which a bank enters a record of deposits and withdrawals.
Historical Examples

She would then receive a check and bankbook and thus be fitly equipped to perform her new duties.
Marjorie Dean High School Senior Pauline Lester

At once it was clear to him that the brute was after the blue eyes of her bankbook.
The Monster Edgar Saltus

The bankbook, he knew, would not be returned before Monday or Tuesday, and his father would be out of town for the next week.
The Troll Garden and Selected Stories Willa Cather

“The funds are good at the moment,” said the treasurer, with the bankbook in front of him.
The Valley of Fear Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

I turned the bankbook over to the chemist and we waited for the report.
The Old Die Rich Horace Leonard Gold

I walked out to the street, gaping at the entry in the bankbook he’d handed me.
The Old Die Rich Horace Leonard Gold

Hallet was sensibly affected, but without speaking, he turned to the desk, and took down his bankbook.
The Continental Monthly, Vol 3 No 3, March 1863 Various

The next day when she was alone she lifted the shade from the clock and opened her bankbook.
L’Assommoir Emile Zola

He paced the floor for an hour or two, sunk in thought, and then unlocked a desk drawer and took out his bankbook.
The Breaking Point Mary Roberts Rinehart

She unlocked a drawer and returned to him with a bankbook in her hand.
The Tempting of Tavernake E. Phillips Oppenheim

a book held by depositors at certain banks, in which the bank enters a record of deposits, withdrawals, and earned interest Also called passbook


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