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money in one’s possession; monetary resources.
Informal. to finance; provide funds for:
to bankroll a new play.
Contemporary Examples

But evangelical Christian voters notice them and so do those Jewish contributors who do bankroll Republicans.
Cain’s Palestine Blunder Dan Ephron October 31, 2011

He may have illegally borrowed black music to build his own bankroll.
Did Led Zeppelin Steal ‘Stairway to Heaven’? Ted Gioia May 24, 2014

Yellowbird operatives set up rescue teams to organize and bankroll the escapes of individual protest leaders.
Chen Guangcheng’s Escape From China Recalls Operation Yellowbird’s Heyday Melinda Liu April 30, 2012

Historical Examples

He wouldn’t be able to remake that bankroll every time if he wasn’t.
The Ultimate Weapon John Wood Campbell

Also, the bankroll they brings her sends her back to her folks in style.
Faro Nell and Her Friends Alfred Henry Lewis

Of course them doctor sharps raise the long yell about it bein difficult, aimin tharby to bluff you out o your bankroll.
The Sunset Trail Alfred Henry Lewis

I want you to use them as a bankroll when you go to the Casino tonight.
Deathworld Harry Harrison

To get home is not so easy but I remember armored car provided by intelligent corporation for transport of bankroll, so here I am.
The Onslaught from Rigel Fletcher Pratt

Pretty lucky for me they didn’t know I had my bankroll with me last night!
Back Home Irvin S. Cobb

The man behind the bankroll is the basis, in one form or another, of all the chorus-girl conversations.
My Actor-Husband Anonymous

a roll of currency notes
the financial resources of a person, organization, etc
(transitive) (slang) to provide the capital for; finance

“roll of bank notes,” 1887, from bank (n.1) + roll (n.). The verb is attested from 1928. Related: Bankrolled; bankrolling.


To finance; put up the money for, esp for a theatrical production; angel: Whoever bankrolled this turkey will go broke (1920s+)


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