Barley sugar

a brittle, amber-colored, transparent candy, formerly boiled in a decoction of barley, consisting of sugar, cream of tartar, and orange or lemon juice, usually twisted into strips or molded into a variety of shapes.
Historical Examples

Fine character deep-turning “barley sugar” pattern with only one gate.
Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture Arthur Hayden

An old woman with much vigor of speech offered them barley sugar for sale.
The Red Miriok Anna M. Barnes

That’s amber, just like barley sugar, only not so nice; people make necklaces of it.
Little Lucy’s Wonderful Globe Charlotte M. Yonge

Think what fun to sit and break off twigs of barley sugar, candied cherries, and leaves that tasted like peppermint and sassafras!
The Louisa Alcott Reader Louisa M. Alcott

It has a fine character, and the “barley sugar” pattern is deeply turned.
Chats on Cottage and Farmhouse Furniture Arthur Hayden

Stone quarries above ground as well as below, the old Flemish façades crumbled like sheets of barley sugar.
Everyman’s Land C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson

Taking out a lump of barley sugar candy he had brought for her he laid it down beside her and hurried away.
At the Back of the North Wind Elizabeth Lewis and George MacDonald

With my three sous, I could have given each of them a stick of barley sugar, but that is hardly refreshing.
Frdrique; vol. 1 Charles Paul de Kock

a brittle clear amber-coloured sweet made by boiling sugar, originally with a barley extract

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