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Beaded hair

beaded hair

beaded hair n.
See monilethrix.


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  • Beader

    a tool for forming beads on lumber. Historical Examples Then examine the calked flues carefully, and if you see any seeping of water, use your beader lightly till the water stops. Farm Engines and How to Run Them James H. Stephenson

  • Beady

    beadlike; small, globular, and glittering: beady eyes. covered with or full of beads. Contemporary Examples He agreed, and I could almost feel his beady little eyes going ‘KERCHING!’ How Susan Boyle Won My Heart Piers Morgan April 15, 2009 Historical Examples A crow is cawing in a tree, and looks with beady eyes below. McClure’s […]

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    beading of ribs beading of ribs bead·ing of ribs (bē’dĭng) n. See rachitic rosary.

  • Beading

    material composed of or adorned with beads. narrow, lacelike trimming or edging. narrow openwork trimming through which ribbon may be run. Architecture, Furniture. a bead molding. all of the bead moldings in a single design. a small, usually round object of glass, wood, stone, or the like with a hole through it, often strung with […]

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