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Beauty sleep

sleep before midnight, assumed to be necessary for one’s beauty.
any extra sleep.
Historical Examples

It’s past twelve, I tell you, and you had ought to be in bed gettin’ your beauty sleep.
Drusilla with a Million Elizabeth Cooper

I hope your sister hasn’t finished her beauty sleep by this time.
The World Peril of 1910 George Griffith

The landlord of the “White Boar” was one of those men who need a beauty sleep.
Mike P. G. Wodehouse

He had not known that the lady had just awakened from her beauty sleep.
‘Firebrand’ Trevison Charles Alden Seltzer

Gang awa to the land o’ Nod, and dinna spoil your beauty sleep, young leddies.
Two Knapsacks John Campbell

“You’re missing your beauty sleep, Stokes,” we heard our Viking remark.
New Treasure Seekers E. (Edith) Nesbit

They had the advantage of all “the beauty sleep,” which is said to come before midnight.
Liverpool a few years since James Aspinall

“We young folks must have our beauty sleep,” and she sent him away.
Dominie Dean Ellis Parker Butler

Duke: We does n’t want ter sit up late and lose our beauty sleep jest listenin’ to a speech.
Wappin’ Wharf Charles S. Brooks

She would want her beauty sleep for “The Amazons” to-morrow night.
The Story Of Julia Page Kathleen Norris

(informal) sleep, esp sleep before midnight


Sleep required to feel refreshed: Not tonight, honey. I need my beauty sleep


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