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Benzyl alcohol

a colorless, faintly aromatic, slightly water-soluble liquid, C 7 H 8 O, used chiefly as a solvent in the manufacture of perfumes and flavorings, and as an intermediate in the synthesis of benzyl esters and ethers.
Historical Examples

The Handbook of Soap Manufacture W. H. Simmons


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  • Benzyl benzoate

    a colorless, faintly aromatic liquid, C 14 H 12 O 2 , used chiefly as a fixative and solvent in the manufacture of flavorings and perfume and in medicine in the treatment of certain skin conditions. Historical Examples Arteriosclerosis and Hypertension: Louis Marshall Warfield

  • Benzyl butyrate

    a liquid, C 11 H 14 O 2 , having a fruitlike odor, used as a plasticizer and in flavoring.

  • Benzyl chloride

    a colorless, corrosive liquid, C 7 H 7 Cl, used chiefly as an intermediate in the synthesis of benzyl compounds. Historical Examples Coal Raphael Meldola

  • Benzyl dichloride

    benzal chloride. a colorless, oily liquid, C 7 H 6 Cl 2 , used chiefly in the synthesis of benzaldehyde, and in the manufacture of dyes.

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