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Bible banger



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  • Bible belt

    an area of the U.S., chiefly in the South and Midwest, noted for its religious fundamentalism. Contemporary Examples Best (and Worst) Cities to Meet Men The Daily Beast October 17, 2009 Mississippi Is Hell for These Lesbians Emily Shire August 7, 2014 Kentucky’s Attorney General Goes With His Gut and for Same-Sex Marriage Jonathan Miller […]

  • Bible class

    a class or course of study devoted to the Bible or Biblical subjects, as in a Sunday School. Historical Examples Elsie and Her Loved Ones Martha Finley City Crimes Greenhorn Tales Of Men And Ghosts Edith Wharton In the School-Room John S. Hart The King’s Daughter and Other Stories for Girls Various The Boy and […]

  • Bible paper

    a very thin, strong, opaque rag paper often used for Bibles, prayer books, dictionaries, and the like. noun a thin tough opaque paper used for Bibles, prayer books, and reference books (not in technical usage) another name for India paper

  • Bible school

    a school or organized study program primarily devoted to Biblical or religious teaching, as a Sunday school, church study group, etc. Historical Examples The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland The Bible Story Rev. Newton Marshall Hall The Bible Story Rev. Newton Marshall Hall The Angel of the Gila: Cora Marsland The Angel of the […]

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