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Big skate

See under skate2 .
any of several rays of the genus Raja, usually having a pointed snout, as R. binoculata (big skate) inhabiting waters along the Pacific coast of the U.S., growing to a length of 8 feet (2.4 meters).
Historical Examples

Six Little Bunkers at Grandpa Ford’s Laura Lee Hope

See roller skate, ice skate
the steel blade or runner of an ice skate
such a blade fitted with straps for fastening to a shoe
a current collector on an electric railway train that collects its current from a third rail Compare bow collector
get one’s skates on, to hurry
verb (intransitive)
to glide swiftly on skates
to slide smoothly over a surface
skate on thin ice, to place oneself in a dangerous or delicate situation
noun (pl) skate, skates
any large ray of the family Rajidae, of temperate and tropical seas, having flat pectoral fins continuous with the head, two dorsal fins, a short spineless tail, and a long snout
(US, slang) a person; fellow

An unattractive woman; a malodorous woman; skag
A prostitute; hooker: How long would it take for them to find them f—— skanks (the hookers) again? (1970s+ Black)
Copulation; coition; ass: how ’bout witnessing some skank (1980s+)
A despicable person; grunge, sleazebag: Julie gets used and humiliated by the lens-wielding skank (1980s+)
A slovenly style of dress, possibly imitative of disheveled heroin addicts: Some teenagers prefer a grungier, if equally tasteless, look known as ”skank” (1990s+ Teenagers)

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