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a person’s brother by birth.
a male person bound to another by ties of great friendship.
something usually associated with or thought to exist inseparably from another thing, quality, circumstance, etc.:
Humility is often the blood brother of patience.
a male established in a close relationship with another male through the performance of a specific ritual, as the commingling of blood.
Historical Examples

The Ward of King Canute Ottilie A. Liljencrantz
Riders of the Silences John Frederick
The Myths of the North American Indians Lewis Spence
Indian Home Rule M. K. Gandhi
Musical Portraits Paul Rosenfeld
Thompson’s Cat Robert Moore Williams
Mpuke, Our Little African Cousin Mary Hazelton Wade
Life’s Handicap Rudyard Kipling
The Treasure of the Tigris A. F. Mockler Ferryman
The Mythologies of Ancient Mexico and Peru Lewis Spence

a brother by birth
a man or boy who has sworn to treat another as his brother, often in a ceremony in which their blood is mingled


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