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destruction of life, as in war or murder; slaughter.
the shedding of blood by injury, wound, etc.
Contemporary Examples

Egypt on the Brink Sophia Jones July 24, 2013
Back to Afghanistan Magsie Hamilton-Little October 5, 2011
The Office Raptor, Morgan Freeman Defines ‘Twerking,’ & More Viral Videos The Daily Beast Video August 30, 2013
Blood, Faith and Fatalism in Divided Ukraine Anna Nemtsova April 20, 2014
Obama’s Greatest Failure Peter Beinart August 13, 2013

Historical Examples

Jacob Hamblin: A Narrative of His Personal Experience James A. Little
A Hero of Our Time M. Y. Lermontov
Cheshire Charles E. Kelsey
The Treasure Trail Marah Ellis Ryan
History of the Girondists, Volume I Alphonse de Lamartine

slaughter; killing


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