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the outer bark of an oak, Quercus suber, of Mediterranean countries, used for making stoppers for bottles, floats, etc.
Also called cork oak. the tree itself.
something made of cork.
a piece of cork, rubber, or the like used as a stopper, as for a bottle.
Angling. a small float to buoy up a fishing line or to indicate that a fish is biting.
Also called phellem, suber. Botany. an outer tissue of bark produced by and exterior to the phellogen.
to provide or fit with cork or a cork.
to stop with or as if with a cork (often followed by up).
to blacken with burnt cork.
blow / pop one’s cork, Informal. to lose one’s temper; release one’s emotional or physical tension.
the thick light porous outer bark of the cork oak, used widely as an insulator and for stoppers for bottles, casks, etc
a piece of cork or other material used as a stopper
an angling float
(botany) Also called phellem. a protective layer of dead impermeable cells on the outside of the stems and roots of woody plants, produced by the outer layer of the cork cambium
made of cork related adjective suberose
verb (transitive)
to stop up (a bottle, cask, etc) with or as if with a cork; fit with a cork
(often foll by up) to restrain: to cork up the emotions
to black (the face, hands, etc) with burnt cork
a county of SW Republic of Ireland, in Munster province: crossed by ridges of low mountains; scenic coastline. County town: Cork. Pop: 447 829 (2002). Area: 7459 sq km (2880 sq miles)
a city and port in S Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Cork, at the mouth of the River Lee: seat of the University College of Cork (1849). Pop: 186 239 (2002)

To go insane; become violently mad
To become wildly excited or enthusiastic: Here’s an idea’ll make you blow your cork
To become violently excited by narcotics; flip, freak out
To become violently and suddenly angry; have a tantrum: a ”quiet, mild-mannered man” who ”blew his lid”


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