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(informal, mainly Brit) the favourite or darling of a person or group Usual US equivalent fair-haired boy
Historical Examples

Hoosier Mosaics Maurice Thompson
Hester’s Counterpart Jean K. Baird
The Khaki Boys at Camp Sterling Josephine Chase
The Mystery of Carlitos Helen Randolph
What Might Have Been Expected Frank R. Stockton
Dr. Grenfell’s Parish Norman Duncan
The Rambles of a Rat A. L. O. E.
Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm Alice B. Emerson
Shaman Robert Shea
Miss Billy Eleanor H. Porter

A favored or favorite man or boy: the latest ”fairhaired boy” of the musical world/ the white-haired boy of the happy family
A man destined for and being groomed for principal leadership or other reward; comer: A job had to be found for Patten, the blue-eyed boy of British politics ( first form 1918+, second 1924+, third 1923+)


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