a belt carrying explosives which is worn around the waist by a suicide bomber

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  • Bomb-calorimeter

    noun (chem) a device for determining heats of combustion by igniting a sample in a high pressure of oxygen in a sealed vessel and measuring the resulting rise in temperature: used for measuring the calorific value of foods Historical Examples General Science Bertha M. Clark

  • Bomb-ketch

    Nautical. a ketch-rigged vessel of the 17th and 18th centuries, carrying heavy mortars for firing bombs. Historical Examples Ancient and Modern Ships. George C. V. Holmes

  • Bomb-lance

    a harpoon fitted with an explosive head. Historical Examples Swept Out to Sea W. Bertram Foster Swept Out to Sea W. Bertram Foster Swept Out to Sea W. Bertram Foster

  • Bombload

    the total load of bombs carried by an airplane, usually expressed in terms of their total weight.

  • Bomb--out

    Military. a projectile, formerly usually spherical, filled with a bursting charge and exploded by means of a fuze, by impact, or otherwise, now generally designed to be dropped from an aircraft. any similar missile or explosive device used as a weapon, to disperse crowds, etc.: a time bomb; a smoke bomb. Also called volcan·ic bomb·. […]

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