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the horsepower made available by an engine or turbine for driving machinery other than itself, as measured by a dynamometer.
the rate at which an engine does work, expressed in horsepower. It is measured by the resistance of an applied brake bhp


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  • Brake-light

    a taillight that lights up as the driver of a vehicle steps on the brake pedal to slow down or stop. noun a red light attached to the rear of a motor vehicle that lights up when the brakes are applied, serving as a warning to following drivers Also called stoplight

  • Brake-lining

    the material, usually asbestos combined with other materials, used as the friction-producing element of a brake. Historical Examples Free Air Sinclair Lewis noun a curved thin strip of an asbestos composition riveted to a brake shoe to provide it with a renewable surface

  • Brakeman

    a railroad worker who assists the conductor in the operation of a train. brake1 (def 4). Historical Examples Jack Ranger’s Gun Club Clarence Young Desert Dust Edwin L. Sabin Ralph, the Train Dispatcher Allen Chapman Desert Dust Edwin L. Sabin Tramping with Tramps Josiah Flynt Desert Dust Edwin L. Sabin Song of the Lark Willa […]

  • Brake-pad

    a thin block of friction-producing material that presses against a vehicle’s brake disc or rotor to enable the wheel to stop. noun the flat metal casting, together with the bound friction material, in a disc brake

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