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bush patrol


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  • Bush-pig

    a wild swine, Potamochaerus porcus, of southern and eastern Africa, having white facial markings. Historical Examples The African Colony John Buchan

  • Bush-pilot

    a pilot who flies small aircraft over rugged terrain or unsettled regions to serve remote areas inaccessible to or off the route of larger planes: Bush pilots brought supplies to the Alaskan village once a week.

  • Bush-poppy

    tree poppy.

  • Bushranger

    a person who lives in the bush or woods. Australian. a person who lives by robbing travelers and isolated homesteads in the bush. a person who drives a hard, and sometimes dishonest, bargain. Historical Examples Twice Lost W.H.G. Kingston Stingaree E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung When Ghost Meets Ghost William Frend De Morgan Stingaree E. […]

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