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(Canadian) a kind of tart made with butter, brown sugar, and raisins


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  • Butter-tree

    any of several tropical trees of the sapodilla family, having seeds that yield a butterlike oil. Historical Examples The New Paul and Virginia W. H. Mallock

  • Butterweed

    any wild plant having conspicuously yellow flowers or leaves. the horseweed. a ragwort (Senecio jacobaea) or groundsel (S. vulgaris), both having yellow ray flowers.

  • Butterwort

    any small, carnivorous plant of the genus Pinguicula, having leaves that secrete a viscid substance in which small insects are caught. Historical Examples The Romance of Plant Life G. F. Scott Elliot The Call of the Wildflower Henry S. Salt The Beauties of Nature Sir John Lubbock Life of Charles Darwin G. T. (George Thomas) […]

  • Butterbur

    any of several composite plants of the genus Petasites, having large, woolly leaves said to have been used to wrap butter. Historical Examples Herbals, Their Origin and Evolution Agnes Arber Field and Hedgerow Richard Jefferies Herbals, Their Origin and Evolution Agnes Arber The Moths of the British Isles, First Series Richard South noun a plant […]

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