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  • Byword

    a word or phrase associated with some person or thing; a characteristic expression, typical greeting, or the like. a word or phrase used proverbially; common saying; proverb. an object of general reproach, derision, scorn, etc.: His crimes will make him a byword through the ages. an epithet, often of scorn. Contemporary Examples Was Rick Santorum […]

  • By-work

    work done in addition to one’s regular work, as in intervals of leisure. Historical Examples The Life of James Renwick Thomas Houston Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 3 of 4: N-R) Various

  • By-your-leave

    an apology for not having sought permission. Historical Examples Kildares of Storm Eleanor Mercein Kelly Planet of the Damned Harry Harrison Sense of Obligation Henry Maxwell Dempsey (AKA Harry Harrison) Despoilers of the Golden Empire Gordon Randall Garrett A Breath of Prairie and other stories Will Lillibridge King–of the Khyber Rifles Talbot Mundy Slippy McGee, […]

  • By-catch

    noun unwanted fish and other sea animals caught in a fishing net along with the desired kind of fish

  • Byam-shaw

    noun Glen Alexander. 1904–81, British actor and theatre director; director of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (1953–59) Historical Examples The History of Modern Painting, Volume 3 (of 4) Richard Muther

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