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pain in the heart region.

cardiodynia car·di·o·dyn·i·a (kär’dē-ō-dĭn’ē-ə)
Localized pain in the region of the heart.


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  • Cardioesophageal

    cardioesophageal cardioesophageal car·di·o·e·soph·a·ge·al (kär’dē-ō-ĭ-sŏf’ə-jē’əl) adj. Relating to the junction of the esophagus and the cardiac part of the stomach.

  • Cardiogenic

    originating in the heart. Pathology. caused by a disorder of the heart. cardiogenic car·di·o·gen·ic (kär’dē-ō-jěn’ĭk) adj. Having origin in the heart. Resulting from a disease or disorder of the heart.

  • Cardiogenic-shock

    a type of shock caused by decreased cardiac output despite adequate blood volume, owing to a disease of the heart itself, as myocardial infarction, or any other factor that interferes with the filling or emptying of the heart. cardiogenic shock n. Shock resulting from a decline in cardiac output that occurs as a result of […]

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    electrocardiogram. Historical Examples But when they get a look at that cardiogram on the screen they’ll just throw up their hands. Star Surgeon Alan Nourse Yet Dal had known when he saw the second cardiogram that the attempt would have to be made. Star Surgeon Alan Nourse noun short for electrocardiogram n. 1876, from cardio- […]

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