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without anxiety or worry.
requiring little care:
carefree fabrics.
Historical Examples

A long, precious hour was still ahead of them, rich in care-free pleasures and oblivion.
The Song of Songs Hermann Sudermann

Gay, laughing, healthy, buxom—a natural product of her care-free environment.
Theft Jack London

Their care-free existence enables them to attain the highest average age.
Woman and Socialism August Bebel

Their well-kept, happy, care-free condition did not make them freemen.
Usury Calvin Elliott

The happy, care-free people were going still about the world.
My Little Sister Elizabeth Robins

And now, suddenly, he was care-free, filled with an absurd joy.
Two Thousand Miles Below Charles Willard Diffin

And what a gay, care-free life Denver led, as viewed by her through the eyes of Mrs. Dudley!
Justin Wingate, Ranchman John H. Whitson

She laughed, she ran, she reveled in being just her care-free, girlish self.
The Wall Street Girl Frederick Orin Bartlett

A dream-like, care-free life, lived by a people sweet to know, handsome and generous and loving.
White Shadows in the South Seas Frederick O’Brien

As much as she loved her care-free Judy, she never quite approved of her.
Molly Brown’s Senior Days Nell Speed

without worry or responsibility

also carefree, “free from cares,” 1795, from care (n.) + free (adj.). In Old English and Middle English this idea was expressed by careless.


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