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a historic county in Dyfed, in S Wales.
Historical Examples

According to the Carmarthenshire saga, the lady is recognized by the strapping of her sandal.
The Science of Fairy Tales Edwin Sidney Hartland

He had been sent for, and all Carmarthenshire had been made to understand why it was to be so.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

I chanced to pass one evening, in the Christmas-time, at a country inn in a little Carmarthenshire village remote from railways.
British Goblins Wirt Sikes

Now he learned that such was not the general opinion in Carmarthenshire.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

Recruiting is responsible for a good story from Carmarthenshire.
Anecdotes of the Great War Carleton Britton Case

Barrett states that it has been found commonly in Carmarthenshire, Wales.
The Moths of the British Isles, First Series Richard South

Mr Lingen reports as follows of a school in the parish of Llangwnnor, Carmarthenshire.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 63, No. 391, May, 1848 Various

In Pembrokeshire and southern Carmarthenshire are to be found traces of this belief.
British Goblins Wirt Sikes

All Carmarthenshire knew that he had done his best to induce the old squire to maintain Isabel as his heiress.
Cousin Henry Anthony Trollope

Carmarthenshire abounds in tales of ghosts and ghostly happenings.
Stranger Than Fiction Mary L. Lewes

a county of S Wales, formerly part of Dyfed (1974–96): on Carmarthen Bay, with the Cambrian Mountains in the N: generally agricultural (esp dairying). Administrative centre: Carmarthen. Pop: 176 000 (2003 est). Area: 2398 sq km (926 sq miles)


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