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a person engaged in cartography, or the production of maps.
Contemporary Examples

A few hundred years later, Belgian cartographer Gerard Mercator was charged with heresy.
The Secret, Contentious History of Maps Kevin Canfield November 29, 2013

Historical Examples

This is no doubt conjecture on the part of the cartographer.
The Iowa William Harvey Miner

The form “brazil” may have arisen through the cartographer connecting the name with the valuable brazil-wood, used for dyeing.
In Northern Mists (Volume 2 of 2) Fridtjof Nansen

As mariner and cartographer to him it was a cape, and nothing more.
Old Plymouth Trails Winthrop Packard

Excitement was intense while the cartographer in clerical glasses worked out the unknown number.
The Home of the Blizzard Douglas Mawson

It was Puget Sound, said Tom, the cartographer of the occasion.
Gulf and Glacier Willis Boyd Allen

Peter Martyr gives corroborative evidence that Vespucci assisted the Portuguese cartographer.
The Letters of Amerigo Vespucci Amerigo Vespucci

We may consequently suppose that the cartographer availed himself of the sources then at his disposal.
In Northern Mists (Volume 2 of 2) Fridtjof Nansen


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