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Catherine of Alexandria

Saint, a.d. c310, Christian martyr.


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  • Catherine of Aragon

    1485–1536, first queen consort of Henry VIII of England (mother of Mary I of England). noun 1485–1536, first wife of Henry VIII of England and mother of Mary I. The annulment of Henry’s marriage to her (1533) against papal authority marked an initial stage in the English Reformation

  • Catherine of Braganza

    1638–1705, queen consort of Charles II of England, born in Portugal. noun 1638–1705, wife of Charles II of England, daughter of John IV of Portugal

  • Catherine of Siena

    Saint, 1347–80, Italian ascetic and mystic. noun Saint. 1347–80, Italian mystic and ascetic; patron saint of the Dominican order. Feast day: April 29

  • Catherine Parr

    1512–48, sixth queen consort of Henry VIII of England. Catherine, Catherine Parr. Historical Examples Catherine Parr was a corpulent old lady, fortified by at least forty summers, but she readily listened to the proposals of Henry. The Comic History Of England Gilbert Abbott A’Beckett Until recently it was held to be the portrait of Catherine […]

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