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broad-mindedness or liberality, as of tastes, interests, or views.
universality; general inclusiveness.
(initial capital letter) the Roman Catholic Church, or its doctrines and usages.
Historical Examples

For fifty years the history of catholicity on New York island is a blank.
The Catholic World, Vol. X, October 1869 Various

A bird remarkable for the catholicity of its appetite and serving to illustrate that of ours.
The Devil’s Dictionary Ambrose Bierce

It is fair to say, however, that Black Rock’s catholicity was negative rather than positive.
Black Rock Ralph Connor

To me one of its most pleasing features is what I have termed in the Preface its catholicity.
The Empire of the East H. B. Montgomery

The best illustration of this characteristic of Pantheism is the catholicity of its great prophet Spinoza.
Pantheism, Its Story and Significance J. Allanson Picton

catholicity is as yet all to come, and exists only as a germ or seedling!
All Sorts and Conditions of Men Walter Besant

They parted from us, exhibiting signs of respect and veneration; nay, even of preference for catholicity.
Early Western Travels 1748-1846, v. 27 Various

As to the future of catholicity, we are under no apprehensions.
Catholic World, Vol. XI, April 1870-September 1870 Various

It is an instance of its catholicity that it supplies the needs of all nations.
India and the Indians Edward F. Elwin

catholicity must be taught as a whole, in its unity and its integrity, or it is not taught at all.
Catholic World, Vol. XI, April 1870-September 1870 Various

a wide range of interests, tastes, etc; liberality
universality; comprehensiveness
the beliefs, etc, of the Catholic Church

1830, “catholicism,” from catholic + -ity. Meaning “quality of being inclusive or comprehensive” is by 1843.


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