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the position of a chancellor.
the office or department of a chancellor.
the office attached to an embassy or consulate.
a building or room occupied by a chancellor’s department.
noun (pl) -leries, -lories
the building or room occupied by a chancellor’s office
the position, rank, or office of a chancellor

the residence or office of an embassy or legation
the office of a consulate

(Brit) another name for a diplomatic chancery

see chancery.


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    the chief minister of state in certain parliamentary governments, as in Germany; prime minister; premier. the chief administrative officer in certain American universities. a secretary, as to a king or noble or of an embassy. the priest in charge of a Roman Catholic chancery. the title of various important judges and other high officials. (in […]

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    Chauncey (Chancellor John Olcott) 1860–1932, U.S. tenor, actor, and songwriter.

  • Chancellor of the duchy of lancaster

    noun (Brit) a minister of the crown, nominally appointed as representative of the Queen (who is the Duke, not Duchess, of Lancaster), but in practice chiefly employed on parliamentary work determined by the prime minister

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    the minister of finance in the British government. noun (Brit) the cabinet minister responsible for finance

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