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(biology) an organism, such as a bacterium, that obtains its energy from inorganic reactions using simple compounds, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulphide Also called chemolithotroph


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  • Chem.E.

    1. Chemical Engineer. 1. chemical engineer 2. chemical engineering

  • Chemexfoliation

    noun See chemical peel chemexfoliation chem·ex·fo·li·a·tion (kěm’ěks-fō’lē-ā’shən) n. A chemosurgical technique designed to remove acne scars or treat chronic skin defects caused by exposure to sunlight.

  • Chemi-

    1. variant of , especially before elements of Latin origin: chemisorption. chemi- pref. Variant of chemo-.

  • Chemic

    [kem-ik] /ˈkɛm ɪk/ adjective 1. of or relating to alchemy; alchemic. 2. of or relating to ; .

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