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cholelithotripsy cho·le·lith·o·trip·sy (kō’lə-lĭth’ə-trĭp’sē)
The crushing of a gallstone.


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  • Cholemesis

    cholemesis cho·lem·e·sis (kō-lěm’ĭ-sĭs) n. The vomiting of bile.

  • Cholemia

    cholemia cho·le·mi·a (kō-lē’mē-ə) n. The presence of bile salts in the circulating blood. cho·le’mic (-mĭk)

  • Cholend

    noun See cholent

  • Cholent

    [chaw-luh nt, chuhl-uh nt; Yiddish chawlnt] /ˈtʃɔ lənt, ˈtʃʌl ənt; Yiddish tʃɔlnt/ noun, Jewish Cookery. 1. a stewed or baked dish, especially of meat and beans, served on the Sabbath but cooked the day before or overnight over a slow fire. /ˈtʃolənt/ noun 1. (Judaism) a meal usually consisting of a stew of meat, potatoes, […]

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